Online Shopify Optical Store: Leveraging the power of Shopify apps


This Singaporean local optical brand was founded to offer stylish but reasonably-priced pairs of glasses. Thus, every customer can own multiple pairs of glasses which fit different types of lenses and match their daily outfits.

Exploiting the increasing development of the Internet, this online store has successfully gained a reputation in the field, having received thousands of reviews and customers from all ages.



Coming to AHT Tech JSC, this Shopify glasses store desired to:

  • Integrate the advanced purchase flow on the product page where customers can choose Frame, Type of Lens, Lens Index then enters their prescription in different ways, such as manually filling in, uploading images, and scanning glasses through their mobile phone.
  • Integrate a third-party scanning service so customers can scan their glasses and their face to get the Cylinder, Pupil Distance, Axis… These values, after that, will be saved to their account and can be managed from the backend Shopify.



After carefully checking their website, our teams have proposed some featured ideas:

  • Making the product purchase flow by customizing the script out of the box Shopify
  • Saving prescription data to the backend as customer’s meta fields.
  • Communicating with a third party to make use of the scanning service and make sure it would work well between their mobile application and Shopify.
  • Giving worthy advice to the client to comply with their requirements and handle all possible problems.


With the help of our experienced developers, the brand has achieved desirable outcomes. The website went live successfully. Now that their customers can opt for different types of lenses, especially scan glasses through their smartphone. All requirements from the client have been completed and they are really satisfied with the results. We chose a trustworthy third party in the related field to work with to get the best result. The Shopify optical store has paid us compliments for meeting their needs within a very very short period.