Magesolution Builder Elements

Page Builder is a robust Magento extension with dragging-and-dropping pre-built controls which enables creating and launching new fascinating content on your Magento website to bring best-in-class, personalized shopping experiences that requires no technical knowledge about HTML and CSS. The pre-built controls are known as “content types” and are displayed in the following menu

This section enables admin to add the existing content to the Page Builder stage.
Add content
Admin can add text, headings, buttons, dividers, and HTML code to any layout container on the stage. When you drag a content type from the panel to a row, column, or tab on the stage, a container emerges. The content type toolbox can be used to access the type’s relevant options.
Images, video, banners, sliders, and Google Maps can be added to any layout container on the Page Builder stage using Media. When you drag a media content type from the panel to the stage, a container with a toolbox appears.
Admin can add rows, columns, or tabs to the stage by dragging a content type from the panel to the stage. when you begin the action, a container with a toolbox for formatting the content type appears.

Why Everyone Loves Magento Page Builder?

Simple to use interface

The drag-and-drop page design functionality of this extension allows you to create CMS pages, product/category pages, and dynamic blocks. In general, it will shape your website thanks to using the straightforward UI without requiring any technical skill.

Easy third-party integration

You can adjust the configuration of different modules deployed in your store. Besides, there’s no need to enter the interface of extra modules to alter the elements because the Page Builder will display them all in popups right on the storefront.

Personalize the experience

This extension has the ability to personalize the experience by targeting material to certain client categories. Then, it quickly launches content updates to respond in real time to the behavior of each customer.

Create multiple columns

Thanks to the rows and columns elements, you can customize the look of your website in some simple steps. It can be said that Magento Page Builder is the best choice for you to create multiple columns.

Provide responsive design

Mobile devices account for more than half of all e-commerce traffic, it’s critical to ensure your site is mobile-friendly. With this extension, you can create responsive design that works well on any modern device.

Shopify Plus Integration
Save resources

With inline editing, reusable dynamic blocks, and the option to store pages and content layouts as templates to reuse across numerous sites, you can save a lot of time and resources in managing site content.

What are Magesolution Builder Elements?

We give the highly developed elements for users using the default Magento Page Builder in order to have ability to create and edit pages with far greater control than before

It is a slideshow of photos which enables a site to display multiple media files without taking too much space. Carousels is often used by modern websites to keep visitors interested in the page content. In addition, the images and videos lead the visitors to explore and learn more about your website.


Modal popup

It is a web page element that displays in front of and deactivates all other page content. This is one of the most effective means to direct users’ attention to an important action or piece of information on your website.

Promotion banner

It can helps you tell the world about your offers or products through graphics and even animation. This makes an instant impression on the clients mind and increases sales


Why You Should Choose Magesolution?

Certificated Magento 2 experts

Our experts who are very proficient in Magento can resolve all your problems.

24/7 Support

Regardless of your requirements, we will be there promptly and bring you the feel of the best support.

Extensive experience and expertise

With the success of a huge number of customers with thousands of different projects, we are confident to be the most reliable Magento partner.