WordPress based integration with React JS


The company was established in 2010 and is an Australia leader in providing high-quality furniture for homes, hotels, offices, and other buildings, as well as wooden decorations. Along with furniture products, this business also offers professional interior design services.


This business approached Magesolution to build an eCommerce website with all checkout flow. Not only that, our customer want all their data can be managed and saved in the WordPress backend. Magesolution found that the customer required a website with exceptional security features and amazing customisation capabilities after analyzing the client’s needs and the nature of their business. For that reason, the WordPress platform was the best option for the client’s particular requirements, and our professionals got to work on the project right away.


Wordpress and React

For each request made by the customer, Magesolution had to come up with creative React JS with WordPress solutions in order to deliver outstanding performance and cutting-edge functionality. One of the most successful projects we have ever had the pleasure of working on is this one.
Our experts set up a new WordPress site as a backend for the Gatsby Furnlink site. Using Google Sheets for the product content as well as building the “Request a quote” function were carried out to this project. We also used WPGraphQL to get the data and fill them to the Gatsby site


React and WordPress

Our customer was able to successfully provide its user base a supreme shopping experience. Any arriving customer was greeted by a stunning interface that was carefully created to provide the great user experience. Therefore, this business resulted in increasing revenues as well as networking with a huge number of people from all possible geographic locations.