Shopify for non-governmental organizations: Prime requirements to comply with


The group, which was founded in 2016, is primarily responsible for fostering big data research and cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region by facilitating dialogue between business professionals, governmental organizations, and academia. They also want to serve as a link between academics and business. The NGO aspires to promote the stimulation and sharing of new ideas through events and activities, resulting in new real-world applications of cutting-edge technologies like deep learning, machine learning, graph social networks, etc. throughout the world.
Especially, they offer a venue for members to debate development plans, share ideas, and implement policies and best practices relevant to the big data ecosystem in order to accelerate collaboration among big data stakeholders in Asia and speed up the growth of the big data industry.


Choosing AHT Tech JSC, our client wanted to add a completely new responsive theme and add two languages: English and Chinese. Because they aim at Chinese people and those from other countries in the world. There are, also, several requirements they needed us to fulfill:

  • Create a customized register form for multiple events.
  • Link the registration form to Paypal payment.
  • Generate perfect layouts with provided PSD on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • All functions and animations on site must run at a fast speed.
  • Customized functions must work fast and flawlessly.



To have a new register form, we had to write personalized functions for Shopify event & member register form.
Plus, we used Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Shopify API library, PayPal API document in order to build new theme for the website and apply both English and Chinese language, along with build new functions. The loading speed is very crucial. Therefore, we had to test many times to ensure that all functions and animations do not have any errors and run smoothly.