Making the Shopify equipment store more attractive with a new responsive theme


The business’s main responsibility is to provide its patients with the optimum CPAP solution to treat their OSA condition. They specialize in providing CPAP equipment, service, and support to achieve the best individual therapy outcomes. With many years of experience in helping patients with CPAP therapy, the company is committed to controlling your OSA symptoms, improving your sleep habits and start enjoying a meaningful life!



Magesolution was selected to help the business customize functions to work correctly and at a fast speed. Customers have a fragmented experience as they switch from one page to another. Hence, a brand that can offer a seamless experience across different tabs can level up its position among competitors.

With this brand, we were assigned to create perfect layouts with provided PSD on desktops and mobile devices. Another requirement was that all functions and animations on site must be smooth and fast. Besides, we had to add some new features to their website:

  • A new responsive theme
  • Filter product on the collection page
  • Mega menu
  • Store locator
  • Custom product option
  • Ajax add to cart on collection page


The new mega menu app has been integrated for quick and simple access to various product categories.
We utilized the Ajax add-to-cart app in order to add products to the cart and update the cart item counter. Plus, the company can display related product recommendations and suggest products and collections to visitors as they type in a search field. Finally, we added the multiple layouts of the CMS page and a new responsive theme.