Empower the Shopify Food & Beverage shop with amazing apps



The world is changing and so is the way we shop for wine. In recent years, the development of eCommerce has helped wineries manage their wines, inventory, clients, orders, shipping, and fulfilments right out of the box. Wineries can also sell through a variety of outlets, including as POS, Facebook, Instagram, and eBay. So do our customer. Based in Australia, the winery manufacture their own wine product and sell them on brick-and-mortar stores and online stores. Besides, the business has their own luxurious restaurant, and provide many interesting experiences.


In order to meet higher requirements from their customers, the business wanted their website to be more user-friendly and have more applications, which make the purchasing process easier and more convenient. Thus, they asked Magesolution to:

  • Add animation effect on the site.
  • Integrate the Ajax add to cart feature.
  • Create Ajax filter product on the category page.
  • Add an age confirm pop-up when checkout.
  • Create multiple layout of the CMS page.



Magesolution worked with the company and our teams to tackle the problems and to propose some solutions. We customized the existing website with new functions: Ajax add to cart, Ajax filter product on the category page and add an age confirm, so that only who are over 18 can access.

Also, we created multiple layouts of the CMS page, which enables the shop to stand out among competitors.

The website went live successfully. Magesolution, though, still need to take care of the web to guarantee that no error arises. We, along with the winery, have proposed strategies in subsequent phases following the initial successful phase. We are both really excited about the future prospects.