Many store owners are maximizing their utilization by using Magento platform. However, one thing that store owners should know is upgrading your older Magento 1.X or Magento 2.X version to the latest version which can help you revitalize your online stores.
Thanks to Magento upgrade services, your stores can get upgraded features, enhance shopping experience, security, bug fixes and many other amazing functionality which promotes your online store to the new heights of success.
Magesolution is a premier Magento development company with many years experience that has already delivered more than 500 successful Magento upgrades for customers from different countries in the world. Therefore, you can always trust us in terms of professionalism and reliability whenever you choose our Magento upgrade service. Our specialists aren’t just transferring your marketplace; they’re updating and improving it to help your business achieve greater KPIs, whether it’s B2C, B2B, or both.

Why upgrade your Magento to latest version?

If you’re using an older version of Magento, you’re more likely to get hacked, which may completely destroy your business. It can sometimes result in the loss of a database and the whole customer database. So you have to upgrade Magento’s version to avoid these problems. Magento upgrades give improved security and scalability, as well as new features that improve store performance and greater protection against possible risks and bugs. Experts advise that you update Magento 2 to the most recent version as soon as possible to avoid any problems and to take advantage of the latest version’s features.

The new version has new features that not only improve the consumer buying experience but also make administration easier.
New features
A new version of Magento with code optimization will improve Magento store performance while also fixing bugs in the previous version.
Improve Magento store speed
If you’re using an older version, you’re more likely to be hacked because older versions tend to have more problems. As a result, security fixes will be included in later versions.
Improve security
Most extensions are built on the most recent version. You may be very interested in an extension, but it is only available for certain newer versions or even the most recent version!
More extentions
Developers must innovate and have a better design in order to satisfy the increasing requirements of customers.
Enhance the theme

Our Magento upgrade services

Upgrade your Magento 2.x versions to Latest Magento
Update existing extensions
Update your theme

Our Magento upgrade service process

It is carried out and managed in a Development Environment before being deployed to your live environment. Therefore, it allows compatibility to be tested without impacting your live environment. We keep a close focus on quality assurance testing during the main development stages and the publication stage to ensure a flawless and worry-free final product.

We make a copy of your Magento store on our server.
Preparing the staging store
We analyze the currently Magento version used.
Analyzing your store
Before switching to the latest Magento version, we update it to the basic version.
Executing the upgrading process
We run a test copy of your Magento installation to check for any issues.
Testing & Fixing
We sync the upgraded version with your live site.
Making your store live

With Magesolution to create a powerful digital solution for your online business.

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