The simple guide to using Shopify admin for your online store

When you’re a novice in establishing a Shopify store, there are lots of things you’ll need to learn about running your business smoothly. Then the first step you’ll have to do is let yourself become familiar with Shopify admin. Someone can feel easy to absorb new knowledge, however other can feel overwhelmed when first to be an owner of an online business. Therefore, in this post, we’ll help you shed a light on Shopify admin for your online store in a simple way.

Shopify admin

Shopify admin

The Home page is the first item you see as soon as you log into your Shopify admin.

Shopify Home displays details about your daily activities, the latest activity on your store, and the next steps you can do to expand your enterprise.

Using the sidebar, you may navigate to the various Shopify admin sections. the following sections of the Shopify admin:

  • The fundamental elements of your Shopify business, such as orders, items, and clients
  • A reporting section for analytics
  • Promotions and marketing
  • Discounts
  • Your Shopify store and account’s settings


Within your Shopify admin, you can utilize the search box to look for sales channels, apps, items, pages, or other data. At the top of Shopify admin, you will see a search bar. To access the search bar immediately, click on it or press Ctrl + K on a PC or Command + K on a Mac. By hitting o+a to search with the Apps filter already chosen or o+c to search with the Channels filter, you may easily initiate a search with a filter already applied. You can utilize search from any page in your Shopify admin. Your most recent searches are available in the search bar, which also contains two clickable buttons for apps and sales channels.

Shopify Home

The Home screen is the first one you see after logging into the Shopify app. Shopify Home is a landing page that displays important details about the most recent activity in your store, the actions you should take in response to your orders, and business-building advice.

Sales Analysis

The sales data for your store is shown on the right sidebar of your home screen. To switch from All channels to a specific channel or from today’s information to a specific date, week, month, or time range, use the drop-down menus at the top of the sidebar.


The right sidebar shows all the latest store activity. This covers the opening of apps, personnel changes, the publication of products, and more. To view a longer list of actions performed on your store, click View all recent activity.


Notifications of any open orders that might require your attention are available on the Home screen. The region that needs attention has a number next to it called “Notifications,” such as “Orders.” It is simple to understand what actions you need to take after receiving a notification, such as collecting payment, designating an order as completed, or archiving a finished purchase.

Home Cards

Cards are blocks of information that are up to date frequently to aid in the efficient operation of your organization. Depending on your recent activity in Shopify and your store’s recent activity, Shopify Home shows you cards. You’ll get, among other things:

  • Keep up with new Shopify features 
  • Tips on how to make the most of Shopify 
  • Suggested reading for business growth

Regarding Home cards, you can reject them and offer commentary.

To hide a card until it becomes relevant once more, click Dismiss.

To comment on a card, click Send Feedback. Shopify makes use of this data to enhance the next Home cards.

Using the Shopify App: Logging In

Shopify App

Accessing Shopify admin while on the move is simple thanks to the Shopify app. Follow these steps to log in to Shopify using the mobile app (available for iOS and Android):

  • Get the Shopify app from the app store of your service provider. Download the app, then launch it.
  • Click login if you already own a Shopify account. (If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to sign up for one now by choosing Sign Up.)
  • Enter your Shopify account’s connected email address and password.
  • Press Log In.

Using the Shopify App: Available Functions

You can control your Shopify store from anywhere with the help of the Shopify app. Besides, You may utilize a variety of features to make sure that your Shopify store is operating at its best wherever you are. You can: from the Shopify app

Control Products

You can manage every item you’ve listed on your Shopify store using the Shopify admin app. Then, you may add products to various collections, customize individual product characteristics and prices, and submit product pictures.

Execute Orders

You can effortlessly process and control your customers’ orders with the Shopify app. Moreover, you may complete, cancel, and archive orders from your mobile device. You can also buy and print shipping labels and get real-time exchange rates.

Access Current Information

The Shopify app will also provide you access to real-time data. Here, you may interact with your workers, get the most recent order updates, and analyze real-time visitor and sales data.

The Shopify app enables you to stay on top of your Shopify store management whether you’re lounging on the couch or on a sun lounger.

Using Shopify on Desktop: Logging In

The procedure of logging into Shopify on a PC is quick and simple. Simply adhere to these guidelines to log in using a desktop:

  • Access the Shopify login page by going to:
  • In the appropriate sections, enter the email address and password associated with your Shopify account.
  • To sign in to Shopify, click.

Using Shopify on Desktop: Available Functions

Shopify on Desktop

You can control the essential features of your Shopify store from here, like keeping records of orders and stock levels, editing product details, and getting real-time customer information.

You have even more features and options when using Shopify admin on a desktop than when using the Shopify app.

Access to important information is available on the Shopify home page, including:

  • The total number of orders that day.
  • A total number of visitors to your Shopify store for that day.
  • How many actual customers have been in your store in the last five minutes?

In addition to the essential features, using Shopify admin on a desktop computer enables you to:

Controlling sales channels

To sell your goods on other, outside sales channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, and Squarespace, you can use the Shopify admin.

You can create and remove various sales channels through Shopify admin. You can also approach a dashboard for each channel that provides information on sales and traffic.

Control apps

By connecting your store with third-party plugins and tools through the Shopify app store, you may expand the functionality of your Shopify admin. The applications you want to add to your Shopify store may be downloaded from here. You can also add, remove, and manage all of these from your Shopify admin.

Check Out Recent Activity

You may monitor all recent activities pertaining to your Shopify store via the Shopify admin. This includes real-time visitor counts, recovered items from abandoned carts, and recent orders.

Additionally, you can utilize this to comprehend the actions you must take to finish the customer journey, such as collecting payment or packaging orders.


This is the end of the topic we want to share with you today. We hope the information will boost your confidence to take part in eCommerce. To run an online business effectively, you should be good at managing Shopify admin first. If you have any questions about this part or want to know more about the Shopify customization service, you can contact us.

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