Simple ways to place a test order on your Shopify store

To ensure the smooth process of order, you should take a test order on your Shopify store. Because it will help you find out what is wrong or what happens when real customers process an order. Therefore, you can fix the problems as fast as possible to ensure the customer’s experience. This is the reason why we want to share with you today’s topic about the simple ways to place a test order on your Shopify store.

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What’s a test order?

To start with, Why you should take a test order? The prime purpose is to prevent any problems from occurring later on when your actual clients make purchases from you. You can use it to make sure that your checkout, order processing, inventory, shipping, email, and tax settings all function as you want them to.

The advice here is that you should place a test order at least twice: once during setup and once after changing the payment options. Making a test order is free. If you utilize Shopify Payments, you can create a test order by simulating a purchase via the Shopify Bogus Gateway by using the test mode.

When should imitate a test order? Whenever you wish to confirm that your settings are correct. For instance, if you set free shipping for purchases over a specific amount, you can place a test order to make sure the shipping discount is honored.

What is a test order on Shopify good for?

How can I place a Shopify test order? Many brand-new business owners are unsure whether their payment gateways will function. One of the major issues that sellers could experience is this, but fortunately, there is an easy solution.

Customers will avoid problems by testing the Shopify payment procedure before selecting to pay for the item they intend to buy. Besides, A Shopify test order can assist a store owner with the following:

  • Put any concerns that their clients might have challenges while processing purchases to rest;
  • Ensure that your consumer is informed during transactions and that all shipping information has been provided;
  • You may verify that your inventory is accurate by checking it;
  • Keep up with your tax information.

Some simple ways to place a test order on your Shopify store

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Place a test order by simulating a transaction

You can configure Shopify’s Bogus Gateway to pretend a transaction at your online checkout. Any store can create test orders using the payment processor Bogus Gateway. Every order you place while Bogus Gateway is set up is a test order.


  • Come to Settings > Payments in your Shopify admin.
  • Deactivate any enabled credit card payment providers before going any further. Then, confirm your deactivation by clicking Manage > Deactivate (this option also displays the name of your payment processor, for instance, Deactivate Shopify Payments).
  • Do one of the following:
    • If Shopify Payments are enabled, 
      • Select Manage under the Shopify Payments area.
      • Press Switch to a Third-Party Provider at the bottom of the page, and then click Switch to a Third-Party Provider once more to confirm.
    • Click See all other providers in the Shopify payments section if you don’t have Shopify Payments enabled.
    • In the Payment Provider section, select Choose a provider if Shopify Payments isn’t offered in your nation.
  • Pick Bogus Gateway from the list (for testing).
  • Select Activate Bogus Gateway to test it.
  • Press Save.
  • Visit your online shop and make a purchase just like a client would. Instead of actual numbers, provide the following credit card information during checkout:
Field nameDetails to enter
Name on cardEnter Bogus Gateway
Credit card numberIf you want to simulate several types of transactions, enter each of them one at a time:
To simulate a successful transaction, type 1.
To simulate a failed transaction, type 2.
To mimic an exception, type 3 (this generates a message indicating that an error has occurred with the provider)
CVVEnter any 3-digit number (for example, 111.)
Expiry DateEnter any date in the future
  • After you’re done testing, click Manage next to (for testing) Bogus Gateway in your Shopify admin.
  • Click Deactivate (for testing) Bogus Gateway to remove this gateway from your checkout.

Use an offline payment method like a bank deposit

This is most likely the simplest method for making a test order. You can proceed to the order confirmation page by adding any offline payment link, such as a wire transfer or cash on delivery (COD).

  • Visit your store admin > Settings > Payments > Manual payment methods to turn it on.
  • Choose Bank deposit or Cash on delivery (COD) from the selection, then click Activate to confirm.

Additionally, you can include a note to specify that this payment option is only being tested. You can access the order confirmation page and obtain the order confirmation email after choosing the bank deposit payment option during checkout. Just like any genuine customer would see following credit card payment.

Use a real payment gateway and cancel the order

payment gateway

It should go without saying, but you can just check out and make a purchase like a regular consumer. then cancel the order and issue a refund. You can generate a discount code that is 100% off to make it a little more convenient, use it, and then deactivate it after testing.

Use a Shopify Payments test mode

You can activate test mode and complete the checkout if your store qualifies for Shopify Payments. The drawback is that genuine consumers cannot complete the payment at all while the test mode is active.

  • Go to your store administrator > Settings > Payments to enable the Shopify Payments test mode.
  • In the Shopify Payments box, select Manage.
  • Enable test mode by checking the box, then scroll to the Test mode section and click Save.

To replicate a real transaction, head to your checkout and provide the following credit card information.

  • Card number – 5555555555554444 (Mastercard)
  • Name – Any two words
  • Expiration date – Any future date
  • Security code – Any three digits

After entering the data you should be able to get to the last checkout step and see the order confirmation email. Just like any other real customer. You can also use different credit card numbers to simulate different card networks.

Card networkCard number
American Express378282246310005
Diners Club30569309025904


We go to the end of the topic after going through 3 main parts:

  • What’s a test order?
  • The benefit of a Shopify test order?
  • Some simple ways to place a test order on your Shopify store

We don’t know what really happens when having an order. Because there are lots of problems that can show up when your customer places an order. Therefore, it is important for you to check it regularly to find the fault soon. Besides, this is also the opportunity to help you try a customer to place an order to examine whether this process is really easy and convenient for customers or not. Then you will have the solution to improve it more effectively. So if you are stuck in somewhere in our post or wish to find out more about our Shopify customization service, please contact us.

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