Shopify marketing emails: What are their special benefits and how to set up them

There are lots of ways to enhance the awareness of customers about your brand or help to approach the target customer. You can run the ads, and promote your feature products. However, Email Marketing is one of the most effective methods. Because it’s quite convenient when you can control everything in one place and custom email to your buyers. Therefore, in this post, we want to share with you about Shopify marketing emails: What are their special benefits, and how to set up them.

What Exactly is Shopify Email Marketing?

Shopify Email Marketing

Basically, this is an email marketing system that is especially for Shopify stores.

This platform’s goal is to provide e-commerce business owners with a straightforward, user-friendly method for running email campaigns that nurture leads, offer specials, and engage subscribers.

You can send 2,500 emails per month for free, and installation is completely free. Once you send 1,000 emails, Shopify will charge you $1, which works down to $.001 for every further email.

Core Features

You can save a ton of time by using Shopify Email, which is native to Shopify and will automatically take your store’s logo, items, and branding elements and place them in your email. Besides, You can quickly create an email instead of starting from blank and having to double-check the product description, pricing information, etc.

You may always go back and make changes because everything is immediately saved. Additionally, you can configure your campaigns to incorporate your domain name while sending emails. This is crucial because it lowers the possibility that your emails will go into spam folders and makes your brand more immediately recognizable to readers, which can build long-term equity.

Shopify is famous for being big on data (as everyone should be), and Shopify Email is no different. Information about important indicators, such as:

  • The number of emails sent
  • Rate of open
  • Purchases made
  • Items added to the cart
  • Growth overall, and more

Key Benefits of Shopify email marketing

Key Benefits

To begin with, it’s a platform that has features with user-friendliness in mind. This is an excellent platform to utilize if design and coding aren’t your strong suit but you still want to make awesome emails that are visually stunning and effective.

The price is also quite low. You may send up to 2,500 emails monthly with Shopify Email marketing for free, but the majority of items will cost at least $10 per month for a very basic package and $20+ for a more advanced one. After that, it’s only $1 per 1,000 emails, which is an incredible price and should fit most e-commerce company owners’ budgets.

Consequently, it’s good to have access to both your email marketing and e-commerce in one easy location. You can manage both your digital store and your email campaign from a single dashboard, eliminating the need to manage them individually.

This eliminates the need to switch between platforms, and Shopify instantly pulls in your store’s components—something that will be welcomed by many.

How to arrange a Shopify email marketing 

Shopify email marketing 

Set up an email marketing activity

You must give the email a subject. Your email activity will be recorded with the name you give it when you add a subject. This is subject to change at any time.


  • Navigate to Marketing in Shopify.
  • Then select Create campaign.
  • On Shopify Email, click.
  • Select a template for an email.
  • Choose a consumer segment after clicking To.
  • Give the email’s topic a name.
  • Optional: Enter preview text to customize the text that appears after the subject in customer email inboxes. For example, More fresh finds for your summer wardrobe.

You can alter the email body content once the email activity details have been configured.

Changing the email address for the sender

When customers receive emails from you, the email address that appears in the From field is the sender’s email address. If additional authentication isn’t used, some domains may display your sender email address as or via


  • Go to Settings in your Shopify administration.
  • For store details, click.
  • Click Edit under the Contact information area.
  • Change your email address in the Sender email section.
  • Press Save.

Schedule or send an email

Before sending an email, it’s a good idea to proofread the message. Shopify doesn’t look for typos or other mistakes. To see how the email appears in an inbox, send a test email to yourself.

Review and send your email

  • After finishing editing your email in the editor, click Review.
  • Optional: Click Edit email to return to the editor or Exit to return to the previous page if you want to make any more changes.
  • Select Send.
  • Review the information, then press the Send button.

One trial email

  • Click Send test from the email editor.
  • Enter up to five email addresses, one at a time, that you want to send the test to in the Email addresses section.
  • Select Send.

Schedule an email

You might wish to schedule your email for a later time once you’ve finished modifying it. You can arrange an email for the following day if you’ve used up your email allotment.


  • Press Review in the email editor.
  • Choose Schedule.
  • Pick the available date that you want your email to be delivered by clicking the date in the Send date area.
  • Select a time from the list and click Send Time.
  • Click Schedule after carefully reading the scheduled email’s details.


We go through 3 main parts of this post

  • What Exactly is Shopify Email Marketing?
  • Key Benefits of Shopify Email Marketing
  • How to arrange a Shopify email marketing

Shopify is always the priority choice for sellers who want to choose an eCommerce platform to start an online business. Therefore if you can grasp more and more information about Shopify, you can make your store become stunning in the eye of customers, and the process you manage business also easier. This is the reason why you don’t miss our post to keep up to date with the new trend and helpful tutorials in this field. If you have any questions or are curious about our Shopify customization service, please contact us.

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