Redesign the Shopify wine-selling store to greatly improve user experience



The company was founded in 1963 and began with selling bread. But following a protracted period of growth, they are now one of Australia’s top wine retailers. The business have a full-fledged store with a sizable liquor section, as well as a complete grocery store with Mediterranean influences, a delicatessen, a butcher shop, a green market, and a bakery. They are no longer just an online retailer. The merchant pride themselves on their superior service, which includes affordable rates and same-day delivery. Besides, the Australian wine brand have over 99 percent of the items featured on their website in stock.


Being one of the largest wine-selling companies in Australia, thus, having a website with a good looking plays an important role. They have channeled a huge amount of money into elevating their web. Choosing AHT Tech JSC, they only had the desire that was to make their existing website run flawlessly, be more user-friendly, and finally, attract more Australian people to visit their site and go shopping.



Due to the scope of the company, we had to really be careful. After several meetings with our client, we proposed that:

  • We would redesign the Shopify store to greatly improve user experience on both desktops and mobile devices.
  • We also suggested adding filters and smart search using the boost commerce app and the add-on ACF (Advanced Custom Field) application which utilizes Shopify’s Metafields for customizations.


Though having some errors in the process, we successfully designed a completely new theme to their website, which are visible on desktops and mobile gadgets. All products are displayed in a clear manner with specific information. Our team of developers tried their best to finish before the deadline. Hard work finally paid off when the site could go live successfully within a short period and they were really happy with the new UI/UX Design and new functions on the site.