Migrate Magento 1 to 2 For Ecommerce Store


This company is one of the well- known B2B which develops top-notch custom merchandise for use as company uniforming, gifts and rewards from Australia. Founded in 2011, this brand decided to launch a new online shop and enter the eCommerce market for providing the best products for their clients. The goal of our client is to deliver a wonderful customer experience while streamlining and maximizing revenue. Even though our client was taking complete advantage of the Magento eCommerce platform, they wanted to migrate Magento 1 to 2.

Migrate magento 1 to 2


When our client migrated to their new website, they wanted to solve some difficulties they were having with Magento 1. These challenges were:

Low Speed of Loading

The loading speed of their website became slow because of the excessive amount of data from many sources. So it led to a negative performance score and rank on Google and GTMetrix.


Additionally, Google had a problem indexing the client’s website. Customers found it quite difficult to see the new and updated goods on the front-end catalog due to the unorganized product listings on the website. For that reason , many people left their website.

Slow Checkout

Choosing, and purchasing the goods is tedious and slow. Along with long checkout processes, shoppers were unable to resize the picture to fully inspect the merchandise.


Magesolution prepared a step-by-step strategy to meet the client’s requirements and solve the challenges after carefully analyzing the client’s website. The planned roadmap included gathering resources, backing up databases, mapping out information to migrate Magento 1 to 2, and resolving difficulties while the website was being developed.

Stable Structure

Magento 2 provides a huge warehouse with the ability to consistently catalog over 20,000 items and supports the most recent PHP version. To provide a better user experience, we utilized Javascript to get rid of browser operation issues and browser caching for static content.

Improved Page Loading Time

Better loading speeds offered by Magento 2 are advantageous to both communities and businesses. Fast  page loading time has helped our client’s website retain more customers and increase revenue.

Compatible With Third-party Extension

We provided flexible solutions with fast and smooth migration to make adjustments simple. As a result, it gives the customer the option to add plugins or extensions, which lowers the probability of interruptions and offers many other features.

magento 1 to 2


Finally, we were able to meet the business’s deadline while still providing it with an eCommerce store that was fully functional, trustworthy, and scalable. The customer was incredibly delighted and satisfied with our service and saw a sizable increase in their business as a result of the flawless solution we provided that completely fulfilled all of the client’s requirements.