Implementation of Ecommerce to enable online sales channel for B2B and B2C


Launched in 2007, this brand is a renowned B2B eCommerce platform supplying a range of products for weddings such as gifts, accessories, Wedding Cake,… manufactured by Canada’s best designers and boutiques.


Our customer needed to build a new Magento B2B and B2C store from scratch that provided a seamless experience to their clients. Because the time for the first version of Magento was running out, it was decided to use Magento 2. Despite all challenges, we solved them all to give the customer a flexible, dependable, and scalable online marketplace business.


Magento B2B

Our team built a new website from the ground up and offered front-end and back-end Magento development services. Furthermore, our team decided to use Magento2 cloud to speed the development process and shorten the time required for customizations. With this approach, we were able to save development time by up to 4 times.
Moreover, the Magesolution team also installs Module Customily during work hours so that our customer may quickly personalize the product on the front end as they want.


B2B Magento

Finally, a new Magento B2B store was successfully created by our team. Every created component was tested carefully by our QA experts to find even the smallest flaws. We created a highly personalized website that perfectly satisfies the demands and needs of this brand’s company. Installing and customizing Magento modules successfully enables speedy installation of the required functionality. Thanks to it, the development time was cut in half. We saved our customer thousands of dollars by condensing hundreds of development hours into a few days.