Giving a seamless experience for a diet food website.


This brand is one of Malaysia ’s leading food for dieters supplier and manufacturer. The long-standing ethos guiding the strategic development of this business in the region has been a strong focus on quality. In 2022, this business made the decision to move online and began seeking for a reliable eCommerce solution to switch operations to digital and grow future ones.


The client requested an online shop which can efficiently manage a large number of products without sacrificing performance and should be user-friendly. They are well-known throughout the world, thus the e-store UI must be designed to reflect their brand identity. Our client wants to gain customers’ trust and increase the worth of their products during the shopping and purchasing process through their content, images, marketing, and more.


Magento healthcare website

A user-centric, responsive, customized storefront which highlights brand identity was required for this project. Our team selected Magento2 after carefully considering the requirements since it allows for the extension of the basic functionality through both third-party extensions and custom development. To maintain the store’s consistency with the brand identity, our UI/UX team redesigned the Magento template. Our team also customized bundle products as well as reorder functions to optimize user experience. A number of modules were implemented to facilitate and improve store management. This benefits our customers by generating more sales.


healthcare website Magento

The final result was an e-commerce website which maintains the client’s brand identity while offering an unmatched and secure shopping experience. Magento 2 provides lots of space for customizations and new features. Our Magento healthcare website search engine optimized and has the ability to get visitors from a variety of search engines.