Conversion optimization for a marketing agency business with WordPress ReactJS Development.


Founded in 2018, this brand is a full-service marketing and design agency based in Australia. This company has years of experience and is known for providing professional-marketing services to customers not only across the USA but also over there world with a wide choice of high-quality services. Moreover, through innovative and customized graphic design and web design services, it supports and delivers business success.


Our cooperation with the customer began in 2021. They want a comprehensive but concise WordPress-based website that will appeal to their target demographic.  Furthermore, they also wanted to build a site with some landing pages using ReactJS and have a place to update the content. After extensive work on this project,  our customer decided to work with us for a long time. Our team ensures the client’s website runs well by providing ongoing development and support.


Wordpress ReactJS Development

Here are the solutions for WordPress ReactJS Development which we carried out to achieve the client’s requirements for their website:

  • Build a one-page layout with anchor links as a main menu
  • The header styling can be changed by the activated sections automatically
  • Build the WordPress backend site with the integrated WPGraphQL
  • Using WordPress ACF Pro plugin to manage the page content (using Flexible Content feature)
  • Using WPGraphQL to get the data and fill them to the Gatsby site
  • Build the Work page to list all the works with category filters.


Working with Magesolution, this Marketing Agency now has the best way to manage the GatsbyJS content by the WordPress admin panel. They also own a high-performing, future-proof website that maintains their well-known brand and improves user experience for their clients. They now enjoy more advanced features that boost conversions and don’t have to worry about their website unexpectedly breaking.