Advertising/Public Relations Agency vs WordPress and React


This agency specializes in delivering Advertising/Public Relations Services that help their customers increase their brand awareness. This company is dedicated to giving its clients the highest quality services and resources to get greater results. The business handles a wide variety of services in the field of Advertising and Public Relations from various customers across the world. Their website for advertising services is simple to use and offers excellent prices and rapid turnaround.


  • WordPress and ReactJS

Requirements and Solutions

Wordpress vs React

In order to provide a more smooth website browsing experience and take the advantage of combination WordPress and React, we included various extra features that are specific to the customer during the development process:

  • Build the WordPress backend site with the integrated WPGraphQL
  • Build the All Work page to list all the works with Industry and Type filters
  • Build the project specific pages, all these pages can be generated automatically by the WordPress backend data
  • Build the autoplay video section
  • Using WordPress ACF Pro plugin to manage the page content (using Flexible Content feature)
  • Using WPGraphQL to get the data and fill them to the Gatsby site


Wordpress and React

For the clients of this brand, we created a feature-rich, scalable online store with a smooth experience. The customer was ultimately satisfied and delighted to work with us because we were able to satisfy all of their requests and adjustments.