The page speed as well as performance optimization of a Magento website plays a crucial role in website ranking on search engines and customer satisfaction. Hence, if your website performance factors are not as expected, this is the most ideal time you should use our Magento performance optimization. We apply the smartest and most modern optimization method to help you have a smooth Magento ecommerce store that loads in only about 3 seconds.

Why Magento performance optimization is a must for your store

The fact that Magento is a quite complicated platform, necessitating a lot of effort investment for perfect speed. As a result, you will need a Magento page speed optimization service that will help you not only make changes to your site but also help your users save time.

  • Almost 50% of users said they won’t return to a website that has low page load speed.
  • 16% of customers said one-second delay in page speed has an impact on their satisfaction.
  • If a website takes longer than 4 seconds to load, 1 out of every 4 visitors will leave.
  • Website income will level up visible for every one-second improvement in load speed.

Magento performance optimization services for your business growth

Performance Score Improvement

Our Magento experts conduct a thorough check of your Google’s Page Speed Insight and other tools for issues. Then, we deliver the best method to enhance your Magento store’s performance score and win the hearts of Google.

Server Performance Optimization

We examine your Magento server environment carefully and make the necessary adjustments and upgrades in Apache, Nginx, PHP, etc to ensure outstanding performance.

Page Caching Set up and Configuration

To enhance your website’s performance, we investigate your Magento store’s caching options carefully. And, depending on that, we will install and configure Redis Cache/Varnish Cache for the backend and full-page caching.

Database Performance Optimization

Our Magento specialists will utilize query indexing to examine sluggish queries in the Magento database and optimize and speed them up as much as possible. As a result, they will not impair the performance of your Magento store.

CSS and JS Optimization

Our Magento experts will merge, minify, and fine-tune the CSS and JS files to make them more efficient. We ensure that only the CSS and JS files that are required load as quickly and precisely as possible.

Media File Optimization

The heavier the media files such as photos, videos, and audios, the lower the page load speed. Thus, let’s our Magento professionals optimize them and integrate them with a CDN to make it faster.

How we optimize the performance of your Magento website

To get started on your project, our team will gather all necessary information about your Magento store, user behavior, analytics, and so on.
Data gathering
The next step is to create a detailed project outline that clearly presents the nature of the project, timeline and any special requirements you may have.
Magento project outline
This stage plays a decisive role in the success of the whole process. Specifically, our experienced Magento experts will thoroughly investigate to identify all potential performance issues.
Data analysis
With the aim of helping your website have load speed in just about 3 seconds, we will optimize and resolve all backlog issues in your Magento store.
Problem resolution
Our team consists of certified Magento developers and QA experts with many years of experience, ensuring to deliver high-quality solutions on time.
Testing & Quality Assurance

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