Partnering with one of the leading toy retailers to create a new Responsive Theme



Having been established over 50 years, our customer is the largest network of independent toy stores in Australia. This well-known brand provides all types of toys for kids of all ages. All toy stores of this international toy provides share the same passions: to deliver the very best expert service, to provide extensive product knowledge, and to showcase the huge range of toys and games from all leading brands around the globe.


Coming to AHT Tech JSC, this Shopify entertainment website acquired us to customize functions so that it can work fast and correctly.

Plus, we had to create layouts including the Homepage and many sub-pages with provided PSD on desktop, tablet, and mobile phones. Additionally, we had to make sure that all functions and animations on site must be smooth and fast.

Besides, there are several features, which are listed below:

  • A new responsive theme.
  • Filter product on collection page.
  • Mega menu.
  • Store locator.



Magesolution worked closedly with the company to address the issues and to propose some solutions. We customized the existing apps to be usable on the website and add some new apps requested.

We used the multi-store view feature to localize the online toy stores to display languages and local currencies for each of their targeted markets. By doing so, all customers can view, interact, and shop in their own language and use their own currency.

To create a new responsive theme, we used JavaScript, the JavaScript library jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 – the iteration of the CSS standard , LESS, and Shopify API library.

Finally, the website went live successfully. After the project, Magesolution has been retained to provide ongoing support services to guarantee the functions runs flawlessly. Further upgrades have been planned to catch up with the high demand from their customers.