Essential factors to get more sales online

 Online shopping has become an enormous industry recently. In order to be successful in online shopping business, business owners should take advantage of the new technologies and create an interactive shopping experience to their purchasers. There are 10 vital factors which help to improve sales for any online shopping business

Market research

Market research is implemented to form the positive strategies for the next steps. By doing Market research we can reduce costs and deeply comprehend what the customer needs. Moreover, it allows the company to identify the targeted customers and also helps to figure out the current trends to expand your business


 Brand name

Brand name plays a powerful role in eCommerce business; therefore, your brand name should be aware by all people through using multiple available channels like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, search engines, Tumblr and Youtube etc.Thus, we should make yourself outstanding from the competitors by ensuring high quality products with great services

User friendly

It’s a wise choice to use open source e-commerce web application such as Magento to navigate and design the website for purpose of attracting the visitors. Many the visitors will feel irritated to use the complicated site while choosing products and adding quantity specifically in the transaction part, thus online businesses should avoid these mistakes. Give notification after the payment process, so that the customers will feel a safe transaction. Reduce the steps and use one step checkout module so that customers can feel very comfortable and convenient to make the purchase without any hassle

Use latest technology and current trends to promote

Today, technology is moving rapidly we should make use of the latest technologies to strengthen your business.

  • Build responsive theme to fit to any kind of screens like tablets, mobile and different size of monitors.
  • Build mobile apps like web app, Native app, Hybrid app to attract more mobile user’s.
  • Build social media applications and attract social media users – Nowadays social media users are widely increasing, so build interactive social media applications to engage social media users.
  • Build Smart TV apps and convert Television viewers into your customers.

 Multi-channel shopping platform

Combine all the available shopping platforms with your existing store to build an interactive store. For instance, if someone visits your online store using an Android mobile phone, we can recommend them to download the application such as Magento to have a better experience. Integrate your customer testimonial with the clients social media accounts so that it will be highly interactive and eye catching for your potential customers.

Multi-channel shopping platform

 Common challenges in eCommerce

Many professionals say that it is not easy to run a shop online. In fact, every business faces the challenges to overcome and grow up in their competitive industry. Below listed are the necessary steps to go through the common Digital commerce business challenges

  • Unique products – Have an agreement with the vendors to list unique products in your online store.
  • Use SSL certificate in your site to enhance your customer trust.
  • Don’t make any delay in the delivery
  • Solve the customer feedback issues on time

Draw customers attention

Grab the customer’s attention to products in your website by giving distinctive deals and offering and coupons based on seasonal requirements. Promote the deals and offers in multiple channels. Follow your customers regularly through social media and draw their attention to share the deals with their friends

 Server and Security

Many online shopping businesses stay less competitive due to low technical knowledge towards the server that hosts your website. Online businesses should be highly aware of this to avoid any flaw in their business. The checklist for eCommerce security and server related tasks are as follows

  • Ensure that your web hosting server will never crashes.
  • Customer details should be kept secret, specifically credit card, debit card, net banking information, etc  because hackers can sneak the details and information from online so ensure with high security standards.
  • Make sure that data security when providing feeds to third parties.
  •  Install SSL to ensure customer data encrypt and send through a secure tunnel.
  • Close unwanted ports in your web hosting server to avoid intrusions.
  • Use intrusion detection software in your server to identify the Malware and other hacking related activities.
  • Set security policies within the company and teach the respective people to follow the policies to avoid loss of data.

  Search Engine Optimization

Search engine plays a more important role to have a successful eCommerce business. According to the current trend Search engines consider unique designs and social impressions to rank better in search results. Search engines provide various options to promote products through Google merchant centers, Google checkout, PPC, local business center, Google wallet and many other tools. Check out the web marketing analysis solution provided by MercuryMinds Technologies to get more information on promoting your business online


It’s necessary to generate useful reports to know the performance of your online store. Some of the necessary metrics to be measured are as follows

  • Report on pages where customers mostly abort in your online store
  • Report on detailed visitors including new vs returning
  • Report on organic search, site search and referral traffic to identify the success of your marketing/promotional campaigns
  • Track abandon rates
  • Competitor analysis and monitoring report.