Evolution Support for a Magento Equipment Store


This well-known eCommerce site in the electronics/equipment industry sells its items to clients for incredibly low prices. This Magento Equipment Store makes it easier for buyers and sellers to make a purchase by providing a fully functional digital solution and an eCommerce platform that is prepared for the future. It is one of the most trustworthy businesses located in the UK. This platform for integrated services helps its customers sell their items online.

Magento Store


On the website, our client has been working intensively for quite some time already. They wanted to improve the website’s core technology to one which would better serve business requirements. For their website, they have the following specifications:

  • Update Header, Mega Menu with new design.
  • Update Product page with new design
  • Customize the Product Pricing for each Customer


To create the client’s Magento Equipment Store, Magesolution combined Magento solutions and made a few changes at the client’s request. We also used HTML, CSS, JS, PHP to update these changes to assist the company build a strong online presence and give its clients a fantastic shopping experience. Along with all of the customisation, we also incorporated a few extensions to meet the client’s requests for specific unique functionality, such as Install and Customize the Customer Pricing extensions.

Magento Equipment Store


We created a scalable and fully functional online shop for this brand of electronics/equipment industry. This allowed our customer to successfully create a market presence online. We delivered an unique and cutting-edge eCommerce solution that provides the greatest user experience to the client’s customers after fulfilling all the specifications and customizations asked by the client. Overall, the client is delighted with the results since the new online shop enabled the client to grow their business and ROI.