How to create a contact us page for your Shopify store with examples

Interaction with the customers is really crucial if you want to operate your business smoothly. Because their opinions will reveal whether your store is running well or not. Besides you can gain more information about customer’s behavior to improve and develop the products. However, if it’s in the online environment, you can’t face them directly so how do you have and know this data and numbers? It’s why the contact us page plays an important role in the conversation between customers and clients. Therefore in today’s topic, we’ll introduce to you how to create a contact us page for your Shopify store with examples. 

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Should you have a Shopify Contact Us page and is it important?

The Contact us page establishes your legitimacy as a company in the eyes of the visitor. There must be someone on the other side if there is a legitimate method of getting in touch with you (phone, email, etc.).

Additionally, providing a means of contact for your clients communicates your willingness to engage in dialogue. This implies that if there is a problem with their order, they can contact you. With so many eCommerce stores available today, convincing potential clients that it is safe to make a purchase from your website can be extremely challenging. The Shopify contact us page is one way to do this.

Overall, your Shopify store doesn’t need a contact us page, however, it clearly should have one.

Additionally, as you’ll see in the sentence after this one, we’ll demonstrate how to make a Shopify contact page. And it isn’t that difficult!

What should I include on a Contact Us page?

What should I include on a Contact Us page?

1. All necessary contact details

Include extra contact methods on the Shopify contact us page if your customers can reach you in other ways than email. List any contact information you may have, such as a company phone number, a physical address, or a Twitter account.

On your Contact page, you can also provide clients with the following information:

Where you are physically positioned on a map

Email addresses for bulk purchases

Hours of operation and anticipated response times

2. A pertinent call to action

Unavoidably, a visitor to your Shopify Contact Us page won’t submit the form to get in touch with you. This is an excellent chance to invite them to do an additional action, like subscribe to your email, look at your sale items, or follow you on social media.

A warm CTA should be available at the bottom of a Contact Us page (call to action).

3. FAQs

You’ll discover that many shoppers have the same inquiries. They could want to know how long it takes to send things, how much it costs to transport things, or whether they need any other products in addition to what they already bought.

Customers can self-serve and address their questions without having to wait for a response from your staff by adding a FAQs part to your Contact Us page.

4. Links to essential resources and a help center

Shoppers may look for tutorials they may go through to discover answers to their questions if the FAQ isn’t sufficient. Link to your support pages or instructional videos, or point them to specific blog pieces that address their concerns.

5. User testimonials on the Shopify Contact Us page

A customer who visits your Shopify Contact Us page is either looking for a solution to a problem or is in the middle of the sales cycle and needs some clarity. Your Contact Us page will get social proof and persuade customers that they chose wisely by purchasing from you if you include good customer testimonials.

Establish a contact page

contact page
  • Come to Online Store > Pages in the Shopify admin.
  • Choose Add page.
  • Enter a title for your contact page in the Title box, such as Contact us or Get in touch.
  • Enter whatever text you wish to put above the contact form in the Content box. You can omit this part of the essay. You might want to include the following details in the Content box:
    • The message that is brief and courteous, such as “We’ll respond as quickly as we can”
    • If you have a retail presence, please include the address of your business along with a picture of your storefront.
    • If you want customers to be able to call you, please provide your phone number.
  • Select a contact from the Theme template drop-down menu in the Online store section.
  • Press Save.

Best Practices for Your Shopify Contact Us Page

  • Choose the goals of your Contact Us page
  • Encourage the right kind of contacts and use reCaptcha
  • Make it Easy to Find
  • Keep it Short
  • Include Contact Information
  • Add a Call-to-Action
  • Show Off Your Brand’s Personality
  • Enable Autofill
  • Make Sure it’s Mobile-Friendly
  • Be Responsive

Contact Us page examples that combine form and function

1. Magesolution

Our page put the Contact Us at the top of the Homepage to make it clear for people to see and easy to find. In the Contact Us, we show the necessary information and have a form to fill your questions.


2. KeySmart

This Contact page accomplishes the feat of cramming a lot of details into a straightforward design. Based on your query, KeySmart offers a ton of possibilities for various communication ways. Additionally, it clearly defines the expected response timeframes (an email response time of one business day is extremely fair!).

shopify contact us


When coming to the Contact Us page of the, it sets up a very simple appearance. However, the design which is colorful and delightful attracts and engages the customer to keep in touch with the brand.

shopify contact us

4. Skims

Customers who shop with Skims have a variety of contact options from which to choose. It offers connections to pertinent information and FAQs on the page’s side.


5. Holland Cooper

The Contact Us page for Holland Cooper is kept straightforward and includes an illustrated reference to the many methods of customer service. To keep customers on the website, it also provides a What’s Next feature.

shopify contact us page

6. Allbirds

Customers of Allbirds have access to both a text number and a phone number. Additionally, it offers a rich support center and a comprehensive FAQ.


7. Blender Bottle

Blender Bottle admits that it receives many queries that are identical and offers three ways for customers to get their questions resolved. If that is insufficient, there are other ways to get in touch with us, as well as a form below.

blender bottle


This is the last part of the 5 sections  we want to share with you:

  • Should you have a Shopify Contact Us page and is it important?
  • What should I include on a Contact Us page?
  • Create a contact page
  • Best Practices for Your Shopify Contact Us Page
  • Contact Us page examples that combine form and function

Through this article, we hope we can deliver helpful information to you. The contact us page is a good method to interact with the customer. Make your buyers feel comfortable and convenient when connecting with you. This will increase the trustworthiness and loyalty of the customers because they feel that you provide quick and enthusiastic support. Therefore, you should include a contact us page on your website. If you’re still not sure about how to do that you can visit our website. We’ll help you with our Shopify customized service.