How to customize and view the order status page on your Shopify store

Customers will receive a URL pointing to the final page of their checkout process once they have completed a purchase. They can check the status of the order using this URL to see if it has shipped. Customers might have inquiries about their orders, and you should be prepared to respond. Shopify makes it simple for store owners to access their admin page’s order status page. If you want to customize and view the order status page on Shopify, you should follow these instructions.

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What is Order status page?


The checkout page for your store ends with the order status page. Your clients may 

  • Check the progress of their shipment on the order status page without getting in touch with you directly.
  • Re-order things.
  • View live tracking information for their package
  • After checking out, use a phone number to choose to get shipment updates by email.
  • Register to receive emails from Shopify with news and deals.
  • Click to reopen your online store and start shopping.

Customers may check the order status page to see how their order is coming along while it is being fulfilled. A link to the order progress page may be included in the order confirmations that you send through email, SMS, or the Shop mobile application.

The kind of notification a client receives relies on the contact details they provide during the checkout process. The consumer receives an SMS order confirmation if they submit their phone number during the checkout process. When a consumer enters their email during the checkout process, they get an order confirmation email, then updates on their order and shipment. There is no SMS delivery of order and shipment updates. You may provide consumers the option to get purchase and shipment updates via email when they input their phone number during the checkout process.

Also, you must configure your email templates to automatically include a link to the order status page if you intend to communicate your clients order status updates.

You can also think about adding personalized remarks and notes to your order status page.

How to modify the order status page on Shopify

You must alter the order status page if you wish to modify the choices and messaging to better serve your clients.

Let customers opt-in to order updates

How your consumers provide their information throughout the checkout process will determine how they get order updates. If the appropriate admin button is enabled, customers can still add information to their orders after they’ve been placed.

Customers can provide their phone number or email address on the order status page after it has been enabled.

How do I enable order updates for customers?

  1. Select Settings > Checkout from your Shopify admin.
  2. Choose Additional contact method after finding Customer contact.
  3. Select Save

Translating the order status page

You may translate your store’s theme language using Shopify. Your order status page is probably in your preferred language if you’ve previously done this.

You may also change each individual notification if you wish to. For instance, “Thank you, David” appears on the first line of the order status page. Perhaps you should edit this to “Thanks David.”

The order status fields are located under the Checkout and system tab, and you may edit them to adjust the language used across your business.

Adding additional scripts to Shopify store

You’ll need to be familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid to do this.

You may add code to the template for your order status page using the Additional scripts box. You can add any of the following:

  • Any acceptable HTML5 code, including HTML.
  • You may check out and shop for liquid items with the Liquid code. Refer to The checkout object and The shop object to learn more about them.

Tracking scripts may be implemented to keep track of conversions, ROI, and referrals.

  • Conversion tracking should be added to the order status page.
  • Show specific material when a particular shipping type is selected.
  • Show specific content when a particular product is ordered.
  • Show specific material based on the customer’s location
  • Using a JavaScript object, modify the order status page’s message.

How do I access additional scripts on Shopify?

  1. Select Settings in Shopify Admin.
  2. Navigate Order processing
  3. Locate the Additional scripts section.

Looking to edit the checkout.liquid file?

In order to view the checkout.liquid file, you need Shopify Plus. You have complete and entire control over your checkout process thanks to this.

How to View the Order Status Page of an Order on Shopify

Once a consumer has finished the checkout process for an order, they will receive a URL that points to the final page of the process so they may check the status of the transaction, such as whether it has been sent or not. Customers may occasionally inquire about their orders, in which case you will need to monitor it in order to respond to them. Fortunately, Shopify gives store owners the option to monitor the progress of an order from the admin page. As a result, use the instructions in this text to examine the order status page of your order on Shopify.

Step 1: Head to Orders

Log into your Shopify account and choose Orders from the menu that appears immediately below Home.

Step 2: Find an order

One of the following details must be entered in the search field in order to find an order:

  • Ordering number You can type a number solely, such as 1002, or put #1002 in the box and wait for the system to reveal the outcome.
  • Name of the client To find the customer’s matching orders, you may search using their first name, last name, or complete name.
  • Email address of the client: If you write in the search field even just a portion of the address that you recall, the system will provide you with all outcomes that contain that term.

Step 3: Select an order

You may click on the order you wish to follow the status of after filtering the list of orders to reveal its information. 


Step 4: View the order status page

You will notice the More action next to the Refund items underneath the order number heading. Click on it. You must choose the View order status page from a selection of alternatives that will show once you click the eye symbol.


The order status page will pop up in another tab as the example below:


Final words

To sum up, we have provided you with the guide to customizing and viewing the order status page of an order on your Shopify store. As it is simple, we hope that all readers can do it yourself and use it effectively to manage the orders. If you are looking for a Shopify Customization service provider, you can CONTACT US. With 15+ years of experience in helping businesses to develop their Shopify stores, we are one of the best choices that you should consider. Let Magesolution be your partner!