Magento enterprise development: The perfect choice for your business growth

With the development of ecommerce, many companies see the huge potential benefits from owning an ecommerce store. Therefore they come to a different platform to start their journey. Among lots of platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Big ecommerce, Magento is still a favorite destination of many businesses. Then in this article, we will suggest for you an amazing solution to boost your business performance: Magento enterprise development

First, you should be familiar with Magento Enterprise Edition

magento enterprise development

Magento is a PHP-based platform that gives a hand for programmers in the building of eCommerce websites. Varien published it on March 31, 2008, using the Zend Framework.

Magento Community is a free platform that attracts many small business owners because it takes no investment, however Magento enterprise development is a perfect alternative for medium to large store owners. This edition involves technical support for installation, usage, configuration, and troubleshooting, among other things. Magento Enterprise is a premium version of the Magento eCommerce platform, which is now known as Magento Commerce.

When using Magento enterprise, you can access to lots of service, we will list for you some outstanding service you can see:

Customized Development

They offer custom Magento development services to assist you in configuring and optimizing Magento’s unique business strategy.

Dedicated Developers

Besides, you can approach a dedicated team of Magento developers who have strong domain knowledge and experience with Magento corporate solutions.

Setup & configuration

They will take care of the Magento Enterprise Adobe Commerce Cloud configuration and setup so you can focus on your essential tasks.

Then, Who should be on Magento Enterprise Edition?

magento enterprise development

Magento Enterprise is a fantastic eCommerce platform, but it isn’t for everyone. After working on a number of projects, we propose that you use Magento Enterprise if you want to:

Your annual eCommerce revenue exceeds $5 million.

During a sales event, you have 300+ orders per hour and 15+ concurrent users.

You want catalog pages to respond instantly.

Add-to-cart server response times must be faster.

You want to be able to respond to guests faster after they check out.

You’ll need a lot of tweaks and advanced functionality.

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How Much Is Magento Enterprise Development?

While Magento Enterprise Edition always ranks first, it is not free. The price of being on the platform will be roughly:

The license costs $22,000+ every year (paid to Magento)

Magento hosting costs more than $200 per month.

Other costs of $500+ per month (Exe: Shipping management, email, tax integration, etc.)

We give you some famous brands using Magento Enterprise

magento enterprise development

Some of the most well-known firms utilize Magento EE to host their eCommerce websites since they can’t seek another stage that meets their expectations. Here’s a tiny instance of the companies that use the platform:


Vizio is a leading manufacturer of televisions and audio equipment in the consumer electronics industry. In the United States, Vizio is the most popular HDTV and sound bar brand. It sells its items both in stores and online. Perhaps you already own a product from this brand.

Vizio is a sleek and user-friendly Magento Enterprise showcase. All data blocks are well-organized, and visitors are greeted with a seamless shopping experience.


Olympus is a renowned maker of optical products as well as medical and surgical equipment. They are yet another Magento customer. Olympus controls around 70% of the global endoscopy market. And almost every photographer is undoubtedly familiar with their gear. Olympus’ yearly revenue in 2019 was $7,145 billion dollars.

For its accomplishments, Olympus employs Magento Enterprise as a CMS.


The Coca-Cola store website is a veritable treasure trove of customizable products and presents. It features a nice user interface and is designed to entice customers to buy gifts.

The company’s Share a Coke marketing extended far beyond different-named bottles. Users may now design a bottle or six-pack, as well as clothing, glasses, and other items, on the Coca-Cola webstore. Every goods can be customized in its own unique way. After customizing, the buyer can add it to their shopping basket or wishlist. Because the company focuses on the holiday season and gifts, the shopping cart is a little distinctive, with the option to include a gift note with the purchase.

It’s worth highlighting the store’s speed.

Despite the website’s abundance of graphic material and customisable products, the developers were able to keep the load time under one second.

The reason why Magento enterprise development will be a perfect choice for your business growth

Magento 2

Besides owning a variety of themes and extensions, Magento enterprise edition has a bunch of features which make your business development run smoothly.


When you invest on your platform to start an ecommerce business, budget is the crucial element you need to consider. Therefore, Magento enterprise development is the wise choice for you. It’s not only easy to apply, customize via your wish but also economical for your budget too. 

With the assistance of Magento cloud hosting, the price of maintenance and hosting ecommerce will decline. Moreover, hiring a dedicated Magento web developer or Magento development service is a good idea although it is a little bit expensive. However, the result you receive will be very impressive.


When you service the customer you will face different sections of buyers with various shopping behaviors. As a result, Magento enterprise development will give you a hand in creating different customer’s category and you can take advantage of this function to bring a customized experience for them.

Specific price and catalogs

With each customer division, Magento can make a specific merch catalog. Similarly, the diverse pricing lists will be created speedly. It is another brilliant function of Magento enterprise development.

Multi Warehouse management

Thanks to Magento, you can arrange multiple warehouses structurally which used to be a problem with the B2B mode.

SEO friendly 

You will own  an ecommerce platform which is really friendly for SEO to reach a high rank in web crawlers with the assistance of Magento enterprise development. Magento combines SEO features such as SEO-friendly URLs, meta tags, sitemap…Then it will benefit your company.

Amazing mobile support

Magento is definitely for this function. It brings brilliant mobile compatibility to deliver a mobile shopping experience to customers.

Third-party extension integration 

Magento owns lots of third-party extensions which make your website operate smoothly and efficiently.

Structured quotation system

Magento enterprise development will provide a convenient quotation system which customers can not only ask for a quote but also negotiate easily.

Marvelous community support

Magento has comprehensive community support as well as experts, managers, bloggers to aid all the Magento business.


Through this analytic, we hope you have a clear understanding about Magento enterprise development. Your decision is really important when choosing a suitable platform to come along with. At first, you can feel confused about many different sites to start your ecommerce business. However, if you have a thorough grasp of your business, you can pick a wonderful platform. And Magento enterprise edition will be an ideal solution if you want to expand your brand and deliver it to the next level. To assure a good result, you can find our expert to experience our service. Do you want to know more information, contact us.