Bigcommerce pricing: Review and which plan is suitable for your ecommerce store 2022

Bigcommerce B2B witnessed a development remarkably in the recent year. It scales more and more and is a favorite platform for lots of companies to start their online business. There are various things you need to consider when joining this platform and price is one of the critical factors. But to help bridge time to learn about, we will have a detailed review about Bigcommerce pricing plan and make it easier for you to pick a good one.

To begin with, you should draw your attention to our brief about Bigcommerce

bigcommerce pricing

Bigcommerce, although it appears after Shopify, Magento…, quickly gained popularity in the businesses. It’s established in 2009 in the United States. Nomorally, it has Saas vs open source ecommerce platform and Bigcommerce is a helpful Open SaaS solution for all ranges of companies. Now, Bigcommerce is the one of the quickest-growing eCommerce platforms in the world with more than 90 000 online stores. It’s an ideal destination for any size of business from startups to medium and high companies such as Toyota, Martha Stewart…Therefore it will be a good choice for you to start your business. 

Now we will review about the Bigcommerce pricing to choose what plan will be suitable for you

Before you officially start here, you will have an opportunity to access a 15-day free trial. However, to have the best experience and construct your online store, you should have a plan to register one of the price plans of Bigcommerce. Therefore, we will analyze a clear picture to help you choose a suitable one.

Basically, Bigcommerce has 3 kinds of pricing plans with the aim of different companies:

  • Bigcommerce Standard Plan
  • Bigcommerce Plus Plan
  • Bigcommerce Pro Plan

First, we start with the BigCommerce Standard Plan

The table below shows the price of Standard plan:

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With this the cheapest price, it’s really suitable for someone who wants to start but still has the full basic functionality. And when you you register this plan, you can receive the core feature below:

  • You can approach Bigcommerce’s Page Builder software: Customize your store with the assistance of Bigcommerce’s Page Builder and delicate editing. 
  • Your revenue can gain to $50k annually which is an ideal amount for you to start.
  • You can enjoy a no transaction fee 
  • You can increase the number of team members in your account as you wish
  • You will always receive a enthusiastic support from Bigcommerce’s team of experts to help you handle the problem in time 
  • It’s easy to add the famous and popular gateways such as Paypal, Braintree to your online store.
  • Your customers are able to write all the necessary information to serve for the purchase process in each page 
  • Besides, You sell not only on the website but also popular social media platforms like Facebook as well as other commerce like Amazon, Ebay thanks to the marketplace and social media integration. 
  • Integrations with existing point-of-sale systems: Link your website to your existing point-of-sale system for easy online transactions. This feature is compatible with both Square and Clover.
  • Each purchase can be kept as a secret thanks to the highest degree of security and encryption
  • Now, you can make a change not only from a laptop, computer but also with other handy features.
  • The worry about time of shipping will be no longer thanks to real-time shipping information
  • And you can satisfy your customer and connect them more thank to the various coupons
  • Let’s leverage the image of your store via goods ratings and reviews.

However, BigCommerce Standard doesn’t include some major functions such as abandoned cart recovery, customer group and segment, etc. If your website needs them, you have to do it manually or pay for alternative apps in the BigCommerce marketplace.

So with this key who will be suitable for:

You will find the plan appropriate if your business is a startup and find the opportunity to develop. Besides, if your store reaches $50k in online sales revenue yearly,  you can take advantage of this plan too. And it will be better when you own just a few dozen products and the basic tools of a standard plan still meet your needs.

Now we move to the Bigcommerce Plus Plan

We continue to see around the price of Plus plan:

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Then it will be the benefit you receive beside the ready function of Standard plan:

  • You can give the frequent buyers loyalty programs by forming customer groups.
  • Abandoned cart saver will be avoidable if you  send automatic emails to clients who left their carts at checkout to persuade them back.
  • Customers’ shopping carts are saved to their accounts, allowing them to continue shopping even if they change equipment.
  • You make it easier for your consumers to check out by letting them safely maintain their card information.

As a result,  who is looking for this price:

If your annual sales are within $180,000, this plan will be for you. Moreover, this is the way help you enhance your customer experience to make them come back. And the result is that your revenue will increase considerably. 

Next, The Bigcommerce Pro Plan can attract your attention

This table will list the price of Pro version for you to refer:

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So you will see the plus feature when using Bigcommerce Pro version:

As your store grows, you may handle a variety of difficult jobs. To solve this issue and respond to the special needs of customers, your website must have a superior factor. BigCommerce Pro features will satisfy you exactly like you want.

BigCommerce Pro is a feature-rich system that helps you grow your business. Google user reviews are one of the package’s standout features.

This is a tool that lets you take feedback from clients and then display it in the search results. You can also display a logo with the Google brand and your seller rating if you participate. These aid in increasing your click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate overall.

Moreover, this strategy includes two crucial elements: product and customer product filtering. You may acquire the exact data you need and a complete picture of your entire company.

Let’s see whether your business needs it or not?

The BigCommerce Pro package is ideal for established businesses that do a lot of online commerce. The more your revenue increases, the more scale your business needs. The added product filtering options make it simple for consumers to browse a vast inventory website.

And last but not least, we come to the enterprise plan

BigCommerce Enterprise plans are charged separately. The cost should be discussed directly between the store owner and the BigCommerce developers. Commonly, it is up to the size of your firm and can vary from $1,000 to $15,000 every month.

The Enterprise plan allows you to take advantage of everything BigCommerce has to offer for the largest ecommerce stores:

  • With the support of custom product filters they can narrow down their choices.
  • Price lists will show diverse prices to disparate types of customers, like wholesale or retail pricing.
  • Endless API calls help you send your server an unlimited amount of queries.

And the Enterprise Plan will be true for

The BigCommerce Enterprise package is for businesses with a lot of revenue that need custom services and priority support from the BigCommerce team.

Appropriate for businesses with a yearly revenue of more than $400,000.

Besides, you can consider about additional fee

Bigcommerce Pricing for Domains and Hosting 

To own a domain name, you’ll have to pay for Bigcommerce $12 each year. You can access some famous websites such as, Google Domain to purchase a suitable one with the fee ranging from $10 to $20 yearly.

Every BigCommerce pricing plan includes hosting. It consists of enterprise-level security, which safeguards both you and your clients. The cost differs, but you may anticipate to pay between $80 and $100 every year.

BigCommerce Prices for Apps and Themes

BigCommerce is famous for its extensive App Store and customizable templates. These apps are all free, however basing on your app needs, you may choose to pay a one-time or monthly subscription.

Many BigCommerce apps are free, but premium apps range between $20 and $29 per app. Furthermore, some apps will provide you a 15-day free trial before you decide to purchase this program for your website.

The BigCommerce marketplace currently has 12 free themes and roughly 130 premium themes. Each paid theme will cost you between $185 and $300.

BigCommerce POS Pricing

Free or paid POS integration will be your selection depending your wish. With a 14-day free trial, you can pick the ideal one for your website. Paid solutions range in price from $49 to $150 monthly.


To launch an online store successfully, drawing a detailed plan will be necessary if you want to win over other competitors. Therefore, Bigcommerce will be a helpful solution for your business. However, when you can estimate the price plan which is exact for you, you can prepare a suitable budget for your development. With this goal, we hope this  article will help you understand more carefully about the price feature of Bigcommerce. And if you aren’t sure about your choice, seeking help will be a wise decision. We are here to aid you whenever you want to contact us to know more about Bigcommerce development service.